Live Journal: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

Originally posted February 14, 2007:

Well, as I’d thought, old man winter came back yesterday. As snow. And although it’s no longer snowing, it’s coming down as freezing rain. Gee, I thought it was suppose to be getting warmer with all this global warming talk. Guess all of the hot air from the wind bags just haven’t reached the atmosphere yet. I know, I know, bad lion, bad lion! Like I give a care.

Anyway, the pitchers and catchers will be reporting for Spring Training tomorrow. Wee, I can’t wait. Can you see me bouncing around the room like Tygger? You can’t? Sorry, but, I can’t help that.

Looking into the Spring Training section of the Philadelphia Daily News. Huh? Conlin is already predicting the Phils will win the National League East? I just hope the old boy isn’t blowing smoke. Anyway, the article is interesting. I just hope it’s the team’s actual opening day and after lineup. Well, guess we’ll see come April 2 against those pests from Atlanta. What was their name again? Oh, yeah, the Braves. Time to keep them down while we have the chance. I don’t want to spend another winter seeing National League Eastern Division Champions the Atlanta Braves. GGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!


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