Live Journal: Things are really getting interesting…

Originally posted June 12, 2007:

as the Phils have just swept the 2005 World Champions, the Chicago White Sox. Let’s see, they’d swept the Braves, they’d swept the Mets, now they’d swept a former world champs and last year’s American League Champions, the Detriot Tigers, come in this weekend. The Phils are really starting to heat things up in the NL East, being presently half-a-game behind the second place Atlanta Braves and two and a half games behind the first place Mets. Of course, that could change tonight as the Mets are presently playing the Dodgers in Los Angeles. And since the Braves have already lost tonight, the Phils will technically be tied for second with the Braves, although behind them by percentage points, trailing the Mets at either 2 games if the Mets lose or 3 games if they win.

Hee hee, I am feeling happy right now.


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