Live Journal: Well, the Phils Divisional Playoffs opponent is….

Originally posted September 30, 2007:

Noone. At least for now. It seems that a funny thing has happen on the way to the Playoffs. There is presently no National League Wild Card Winner. How did that happened? Well, it seems that first, the San Diego Padres lost what was suppose to be their final game of the season to the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee, 11-6. At the time, they had a record of 89-73 with a .5 game lead over the Colorado Rockies who were finishing their season by facing the Western Division Champs, the Arizona Diamonbacks, in Denver. Of course, the Padres were praying for the Diamondbacks to defeat the Rockies, thus allowing them to get into the playoffs through the backdoor. Well, a funny thing happened along the way as Colorado instead defeated Arizona 4-3, thus meaning that now both San Diego and Colorado are now tied for the Wild Card, both with records of 89-73. So, now the two will be having a one game playoff tomorrow night, with San Diego having to go to Denver to meet the Rockies for the game that will start 7:37 eastern time. So, we won’t know who will be the Phils opponent until late tomorrow night.

Boy, the National League is really being a wild league this year.


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