The Braves are coming into town tomorrow…

And I’d found this little tidbit from the Phillies Insider blog which I found to be very surprising about the Braves…

Going into that twinbill, Atlanta is 4-13 on the road, last in the majors. At home they are 14-4, best in the majors. (HT/Phillies Insider)

Make that 4-14, the complete opposite of their home record, as they’d just lost the first game of a make-up twinbill to the Pittsburgh Pirates. I’d heard of Jeckle and Hyde teams, but who in their right mind would expect the team with the best home record in baseball to also be the team with the worst road record? I know I wouldn’t have. I just hope that the Phils will be able to take advantage of the Braves’ losing ways when Atlanta comes into town tomorrow night, after losing at least three of their four games, with one more yet to be played, to the lowly Pirates. Keep the fingers crossed.


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