From Nationals Park to Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies Offense has been on a tear.

Starting with their visit to Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., the Phillies has become a scoring monster. Starting with their third game at Nationals Park, they have crossed the plate an amazing total of ninety-five times, which comes out to over nine runs a game during those eleven games. In those eleven games, they have racked up a total of one hundred and twenty hits, of which fifty were for extra-base hits (28 (2B), 1 (3B), 21 (HR)). During that time span, there has only been one game in which they did not hit a home run (May 27, 2008, during their 7-4 defeat of the Rockies). They have scored ten or more runs four times, with the twenty runs that they’d scored on Memorial Day (May 26) being their highest number for the season thus far. They have had ten or more hits in six games, with their highest total for the year being nineteen hits, also on Memorial Day. In their three loses during this period, they would be held to only three runs in each one. During their recent five games winning streak, the offense would score sixty runs on sixty-one hits, of which twenty-six would be for extra-base hits (15 (2B), 1 (3B), 10 (HR)). The team’s batting average during the winning streak would be .335 (61 for 182), while they would receive twenty-seven walks, and stole six bases, while striking out twenty-five times, During the entire eleven games period, their team batting average would be .296 (120 for 406), getting fifty bases on balls, and stealing ten bases, while striking out sixty-four times. Including their first two games in Washington, the Phillies have won six of their last seven games and nine of their last thirteen. With the weather continuing to get warmer, the question won’t be, will the Phillies’ bat come alive and support the starters. The question will instead be, will the starters be able to get enough confident in their pitching that they’ll relax and just get aggressive with opposing teams’ batters.

Note: If any of the other Phillies’ bloggers who read my posts want to do a further analysis of what the players on the team have done during those eleven/thirteen games, and want to use the numbers that I’d just supplied in this post, or make any corrections to my numbers, you have my permission. Just be sure to give me a hat tip when you do. Thanks.


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