Playing through Atlanta.

The first place Phillies (36-26) begin their first visit to the deep south with a three games series in Atlanta to meet the third place Braves (32-29). The first game will be played at Turner Field and will begin tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will be Jamie Moyer (6-3, 4.65), who is presently riding a personal four games winning streak, including a recent victory against the Marlins on June 1, where he pitched seven innings, giving up five earned runs on seven hits, in the Phillies’ 7-5 win. He will be trying for his fifth straight win, while hoping that the offense will once again supply him with some runs. The Braves will be sending to the mound Tim Hudson (7-4, 3.01), who is coming off a lost against the Reds on June 1 as he was taken out of the ballgame because of a left hamstring pull, after having completed six innings, giving up four runs, three of which were earned, on seven hits, in the Braves’ 6-2 lost. He will be looking to help the Braves stop the presently very hot Phils while also trying to avoid giving their batters a chance to crush another starter.

The Phils’ offense, after being red hot for the last couple of weeks, is once again having a hard time scoring runs, although they are getting a few timely hits at the right moment. But, the starters are presently picking up the slack as they have together pitched several good games during the most recent road trip and home stand, while the relief corps has continued to keep the batters of the opposing team from knocking in many runs in the late innings. If this continues, the Phillies will be hard to beat in many of the games that are left to play this season.

The first place Phils are once more two and a half games ahead of the Marlins, who will be starting a four games weekend series with the Reds. The third place Braves are three and a half games behind the Phils, whom they will be hosting for a three games weekend series. The fourth place Mets are now four and a half games behind the Phillies as they continue their four games series with the Padres in San Diego.



  1. marlinsin6

    I cannot believe that game! Did Kelly Johnson really drop that pop up? And did Blanco really get thrown out at home? Wow wow wow. When you’re hot you’re hot I guess. But with the ways that Atlanta beat the Fish this week, can’t say I’m crying for them, even if it means the Phillies win

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    Did Kelly Johnson drop that pop upl? Why yes, I do believe he did, even if even I was surprised when I heard it happen on the radio. Did Blanco get thrown out at home? Yes, he did. The Braves took a risk and it backfired on them, big time. 🙂 Yes, when you are hot, things just seems to go your way. I\m hoping it stays that way for the rest of the road trip. 🙂

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