The Phillies stealing signs? What was that guy smoking?

I have now read about this for the second straight day. Come on, this has got to be somebody’s idea of a sick joke!!!!

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that one major-league official thought the Phillies were taking Boston’s signs last week at Citizens Bank Park, although no official complaint had been filed. Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein had no comment.

The MLB offices had heard nothing about this matter as late as yesterday afternoon, so the report seemed to surprise them as much as Manuel.

“Taking signs?” said Manuel, whose team lost two of three to the Red Sox. “Hell, no. Are you [kidding] me? Maybe they’re the ones stealing the . . . signs. We’re getting our *** kicked and we’re stealing signs? We’re not stealing any signs. I wish we could. We would if we could. But we don’t.” (H/T The Phillies Zone)

Seriously people, the mighty Red Sox comes to Citizens Bank Park, whomp on our Phillies to win two of the three game played, and a Boston sports writer accuse our boys of stealing their signs? Come on, what kind of twisted Alice in Wonderland/Cloud Cuckoo Land world is this guy living in? Manuel has no idea what this guy is talking about, the Red Sox’s front office has made no comment, and the MLB offices has no idea what is going on. My opinion? I think this guy is full of it, is obviously trying to create a controversy that isn’t there and thought that by claiming that he got his information from someone within the MLB that he might be able to get away with it by hiding under their authority. Wouldn’t it have been nice for him if the MLB would just cooperate, hmmm? Moron, thy name is the Boston Globe. Aren’t you people just happy that your boys have come to our park and stump on our team? Well, aren’t you? Sheesh.


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