The weekend series with the Braves continues as they look to avoid falling into third place.

The weekend series continues this afternoon as the Phillies (54-49) hosts the Braves (49-53) at Citizens Bank Park. The game will start at 3:55 pm Eastern, being shown nationally on Fox Sports Saturday Baseball. The Phillies’ starter will be their ace Cole Hamels (9-6, 3.11), who is coming off of a no-decision against the Marlins on July 20, where he went eight innings, unleasing his nasty new curveball which helped to keep the young Marlins off-balanced all day, giving up only two earned runs on four hits. Hamels has faced the Braves two times already this year, having a 2-0 record against them, going a combined total of seventeen and two-thirds innings, giving up only one earned run on nine hits. Hamels will for the fourth straight week try to notch his tenth win of the year while pondering if the Phillies’ batters will finally give him some runs support, after having already pitched three straight quality starts with little to no run support. The Braves will be sending to the mound Mike Hampton (0-0, _.__), who will be making his first start at the major league level since 2005. He will be looking for his first win of the year, while hoping to continue the Phillies present offensive woes.

It was reported that the team had a meeting behind closed doors yesterday afternoon for 15 minutes to try and address the problems that they are presently having. You know, to try and clear the air. Oh, I hate to tell you, Charlie, but I think these guys needs more than 15 mins. to correct this mess. They need a good old fashion Dallas Green/Larry Bowa-style kick in the pants tirade, telling them what they should be doing, and not what they’re doing, and I do believe that target number 1 of the tirade should be Jimmy Rollins. Sorry Jimmy, but that laid back attitude of yours need to be thrown out the window, along with the swinging at the first pitch(s) thrown at you that you are presently doing too much of. Honestly, dude, you are suppose to be the leader of this team. As long as you keep doing your imitation of Alfred E. Neuman’s “What, Me. Worry?”, this team is not going anywhere. You want to regain the pennent and get into the World Series, start acting like you want it bad!!!! Of course, this goes all the way to the top, with the idiots owners who own this club, who keep wanting to do things on the cheap, and it keeps showing with the kind of people who they keep giving contracts to, who end up being busts. Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Phillies’ fan, we need to revolt against these cheapskates who runs the team, and get our boys out of their cheapo hands and into the hands of a George Steinbrenner-type who will be willing to put out the money for the necessary talents for both the farm system and the main team that will be in the pennant race year after year as a constant threat. Until that happens, what we are seeing now is just going to be constantly repeated again and again until they are finally removed from the helm.

The Phillies are presently tied for second place with the Marlins, both trailing the Mets by two games. The fourth place Braves are trailing the Phillies and Marlins by four and a half games, and poised to get back into the race. The Phillies need to step it up, get out of their present funk and show to the rest of the league that they are not dead yet!!!!


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