And once again, some numbers: Phillies’ Fielding.

Here is one last set of numbers to show how the Phillies were able to win first the National League East and later the National League itself this past season. Good teams win by being able to play good defense behind their pitchers. Let’s see how well the Phillies did in the field. In a 162 games season in which they played in 1449 and two-third innings (7th), they had a team field percentage of .985, tying them with the Colorado Rockies for fifth best in the league. They had 6137 total fielding chances (7th), making 4349 put outs (7th) and 1698 assists (T-6th with Milwaukee), while committing only 90 errors (12th worst). They would turn over 142 double plays (T-9th with Houston). Their catchers would allow only 5 passed balls (T-15th worst with Milwaukee). They sadly would allow 109 stolen bases (5th) while throwing out 34 runners (9th). The team would end the season with a Defense Efficiency Rating (DER) of .7080, fifth best in the league. With these numbers, it shows that, defense wise, this was mainly a team that was either in or near the middle of the pack in most defensive categories, that did get to make many double play and was run on by the opposition, but at the same time did not commit too many errors or saw many balls get past their catchers. They also ended the season with a very high DER among the sixteen teams that played in the National League. While they could’ve done better in the field, the team’s fielding was good enough to support the team’s pitching staff, thus allowing the staff to keep the team in enough games for the offense to eventually win them.


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