Peavy trade talks collapse as the Cubs decide that the price is too much; Is DeRosa trade still possible?

The three teams trade, with a possible fourth team, that may have sent Jake Peavy over to the Cubs from the Padres, which would have involved the Phillies getting second baseman Mark DeRosa from the Cubs in exchange for young pitcher J.A. Happ and a second prospect, collapses, as the Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry informs the Padres General Manager Kevin Towers that his team has changed its mind about taking Peavy in exchange for several players that they would have needed to send over to the Padres, after making a trade with the Phillies, and with a possible fourth team. To be frank, while I don’t know whether the trade would have help or hurt either the Cubs or the Padres, if it has gone through, receiving DeRosa may have helped the Phillies in the short turn, as they had someone ready to play second base as they waited for Chase Utley to come back from his post-season hip surgery, and then help the team by being involved in the team’s platoon in left field afterwards, if the second prospect that the Phillies would have been sending to the Cubbies along with Happ, wasn’t someone who may have made a major contribution to the team in the near future. But, if the second prospect was someone important to the Phils’ overall future, it might end up being a usual major mistake by the club. Since the trade instead collapsed, we may never know for sure. As for the Phillies and the Cubs and DeRosa, the two teams might still do a straight up trade between themselves, if the Phillies are really interested in DeRosa, and the trade did not hurt the Phils’ future. I guess we’ll know in the next few weeks.


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