We now know where Pat Burrell has landed…

Free agent Pat Burrell, the former left fielder for the 2008 World Champions Philadelphia Phillies, has just finished signing a two-year, $16 million contract with the 2008 American League Champions Tampa Bay Rays. Burrell, who, until signing with the Rays, has spent all nine years of his major league career with the Phillies, having a career batting average of .257, while hitting 251 home runs (3rd place in team history) and 827 RBIs (7th place) for the red pinstripes. Burrell will more than likely be acting as the Rays’ designated hitter, although he has said at one time that he would prefer playing in the field, thus keeping his mind in the game.

We’re going to miss you here in Philly, Pat, and I, for one, wish you success in Tampa, as long as it isn’t against the Phils.



  1. phillies6phan26

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll. I added yours to mine.

    Good move for the Rays.. but how bout JC Romero…

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    You’re welcome for my adding you to my blog roll and thank you for returning the favor.
    We’ll see how good a move if was for the Rays during the season, since Pat the Bat hasn’t exactly done very well in the DH role.
    As for JC, I think that the players association and MLB has failed him and that MLB is using him as a scapegoat to show Congress that ‘see, see, we are cleaning up our act’. Jerks, the lot of them. It’ll probably be a while before I say something on this, since there are plenty of other sources who are saying it a whole lot better right now.

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