Philadelphia Phillies – Awards: Home Runs Champs.

During the team’s 126-year existance as a member of the National League, the Phils would have a lot more success producing home runs hitters than they would have producing batting champs. Eight Phils would win a total of twenty-eight home runs titles, including five titles that would be shared with another National Leaguer.

The first Phillie home run champ would be Hall of Famer Sam Thompson, who would win the title in 1889 when he would hit 20 home runs. The second Phil to win the title would be Hall of Famer Ed Delahanty, who would win the crown in 1893 when he would hit 19 roundtrippers. Thompson would win the third Phillie home run title, his second as a Phil, in 1895 when he would hit 18 homers that year. The following year, 1896, would see Delahanty regain the title as he would end the season being tied with Billy Joyce, who would spend the season playing for both the Washington Nationals (II) and the New York Giants (now the San Francisco Giants), with both men hitting 13 home runs. The next Phil to win the home run title would be Gavvy Cravath, who would run off a string of home runs crowns in the 1910s, winning the title outright in 1913, 1914, 1915, 1918 and 1919, and tying with Dave Robertson of the Giants in 1917, as he would hit 19 (’13 and ’14), 24 (’15), 12 (’17), 8 (’18) and 12 (’19) home runs respectively. The next Phillie player to win the crown (title no. eleven) would be Cy Williams, who would will the title in 1920 by hitting 15 homers. He would win his second home run title as a Phil, the twelfth title for the Phillies organization, in 1923, when he would hit 41 home runs. In 1927, he would win his third Phillie title, and the fourth in his career as he had won one in 1916 as a Chicago Cubs, as he ended the season tied with Hack Wilson of the Cubs, with both men knocking out 30 roundtrippers. Hall of Famer Chuck Klein would become the fifth Phil (winning title no. fourteen) to win the home run title as he would hit 43 home runs in 1929. Two years later, in 1931, Klein would regain the crown, as he would hit 31 balls out of National League ballparks. He would win the title again in 1932, as he would be tied with Mel Ott of the Giants, with both players knocking out 38 home runs. In 1933, the year when he would win the triple crown, Klein would lead the NL in home runs with 28, winning the organization’s seventeenth home run title. It would then be forty-one years before another Phil would win the home run crown. When it finally occurred, it would be done by Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, becoming the sixth Phil to win the crown, as he would win the title outright in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1983 and 1986 and would be tied with Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves in 1984, as he would hit 36 (’74), 38 (’75 and ’76), 48 (’80), 31 (’81), 40 (’83), 36 (’84) and 37 (’86) home runs, while helping to lead the organization to its first World Series title in 1980. The seventh Phillie home run champ, as he would win home run crown number twenty-sixth for the club, would be Jim Thome, as he would knock out 47 home runs in 2003. The eighth Phil to win the title would do so three years later, as Ryan Howard would knock out 58 home runs, the present Phillies’ team record for home runs hit in a season, in 2006. In 2008, Howard would capture his second home runs title, the twenty-eighth one to be won in the organization’s long existance, as he hit 48 home runs, as he helped lead the Phils to their second World Series Championship.

Oh the eight Phils to win the home run title, all but one (Jim Thome) have won the title at least twice, with Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt winning it the most times, doing it eight times in the seventies and eighties, followed by Gavvy Cravath, who would do it six times in the teens. Four of the Phils to win the title (Sam Thompson, Ed Delahanty, Chuck Klein and Mike Schmidt) are now in the Hall of Fame. Ryan Howard has hit the most home runs as a Phils’ home run champ when he knocked out 58 dingers in 2006, while Gavvy Cravath has hit the least when he hit only 8 homers back in 1918. The Phils have won four home runs titles in the 19th Century, twenty-one in the 20th and three, so far, in the 21st.

Who would be the next Phil to win the title? More than likely Ryan Howard will do it again sometime during the next few years.

Sources: Wikipedia


  1. philliesredpinstripes

    You’re welcome. Just decided to leave A-Rod alone since everyone else was already beating up on that dead horse.

  2. raysrenegade

    Nice blog. Wow, the fact that Ryan should be the guy to beat in 2009 again only proves how valuable he is the the Philadelphia Phillies again taking the NL East and marching back long into the playoffs.

    I have watched him hit in B P during the Spring, and the guy can truly launch the ball with the best of them. You want him to have a super human year to truly separate himself from the pack and viewed in the same breath as Albert Pujols. I actually think he is a pound-for-pound better hitter than Mr. A P

    Rays Renegade

  3. philliesredpinstripes

    Thanks. If he can have at least a decent start this season, as in stay away from the junk (pitches) or at least learn to hit them, as well as figure out a good way to defeat the (Cy or Ted) Williams shift teams are using against him, he should be the person to beat as far as the long ball is concerned. He is one of the most, if not the most valuable player on the Phils right now, and if he has a hot, or at least decent, start out of the box this April, the Phils will be hard to beat when ‘hitting season’ comes around this summer. And yes, it is a thrill to watch him launch one out of the ballpark once he gets the meat of his bat upon a thrown baseball. Well, I won’t say that he’s better than Al, until he can get his average back up, and as I’d said earlier, lay off the junk thrown to him by opposing pitchers.

  4. rockymountainway

    I think beyond a doubt it’s going to be Howard again. As pitchers are seeing him more and more the scouting reports are pretty solid and only a mistake or Howard using his power to pull something close is gonna be going out. That doesn’t mean he won’t get a lot of homers but I’m not sure he’ll see the 60 mark or beyond but he should still win the title.

  5. philliesredpinstripes

    I have to agree with you there. As for him reaching 60, he might be able to do it, as long as opposing managers don’t repeat what they did late in the season in 2006, start walking him when he come up with men in scoring position so that he won’t be able to kill them late in games. But even with that, he’s a threat to hit the ball out anywhere in the park, even to the opposite field, thus making him a very dangerous batter. Now, if he would just fix his fielding. I’m getting tired of that leaky glove.

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