Money news: Well, we certainly can’t call the Phillies cheap anymore.

The Phillies has extended Carlos Ruiz’s contract to $475,000 for the year, after having given contract increases to both J.A. Happ and Ronny Paulino on Saturday, increasing the team’s possible overall payroll to $132.5 million, with all of their players now signed. I guess the days when we were able to call Phillies management a bunch of cheapskates are for the moment over, thanks to the team winning the World Series last year and rewarding its players for a job well done.

And speaking of players and management, the Phillies announced yesterday that they have advanced some money to reliever Scott Eyre to help with his finances, as his money is presently frozen because of a government investigation of the Stanford Financial Group and the alleged $8 billion fraud of billionaire Robert Allen Stanford. With his account at Stanford frozen, Eyre was unable to pay his bills. The advancement will help him with that, as he and several other major leaguers have no idea when they will once again have access to their accounts. Good move on the part of Phils management. And hopefully this situation will be taken care of soon, and not just for the ballplayers, as there are also just normal joes who, for the moment, will not have access to their money while the government look over Stanford’s finances with a fine tooth comb.



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