Gee, talk about a drop….

Just like the National economy, I’d just taken a real big drop among the MLBlogs fan leader list. Among the top 53, I am now no. 48. Gee, what a dive. And, seriously, I have no one to blame for this but myself, since I’d haven’t been posting for the last two weeks and a half the kind of posts that had gotten me up to no. 26 just two weeks ago. Well, that is going to change as those type of posts will be coming back, people. Count on it.

Anyway, here’s the most recent fans leader list, courtesy of MLBlogs. Visit all of them, including me, won’t you?:

1. Confessions of a She-Fan
2. Julia’s Rants
3. Red State Blue State
4. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
5. Rockpile Rant
6. Plunking Gomez
7. Rays Renegade
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
10. Phillies Phollowers
11. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
12. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
13. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
14. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. King of Cali
17. The ‘Burgh Blues
18. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
19. Unfinished Business
20. A Misplaced Astros Fan
21. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer
23. Baseball Canadiana
24. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
25. Baseball Bats
26. crzblue’s World
27. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
28. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in
29. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
30. Statistician Magician
31. The Watercooler
32. King Yankees
33. Redbird Chatter
35. I Live for This
36. MLB in the eyes of a 13 year old
37. All Baseball All The Time
38. Totally Tribe
39. Eat Sleep MLB
40. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
41. District Boy
42. The Best of 162
43. Hitless Wanderings in Texas
44. Yankees Chick
45. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
46. sittingstill
47. The Diamond Diva
48. Phillies Red Pinstripes
49. Counting Baseballs
50. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
51. Flair For The Dramatic
52. Up in Section 360
53. Mets Go

By the way, I would like to welcome back to the fan leader list Sue of Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts. I would also like to congratulate Phillies Phollowers for reaching the top ten. That means that there is once again three Phillies fan blogs among the leaders. I better get off of my butt to get myself back into the twenties.



  1. philliesredpinstripes

    To Julia: Thanks. I hope they’ll meet with your approval.

    To Jenn: It might be an honor to be on the list, but what I’m mad at is the massive drop that occurred. So, I’m going to go out and get back to what I was doing. And, e-yup, having three Phillies blog among the leaders is awsome.

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