The Phillies ends Interleague Play with a series win, as they defeat the Blue Jays, 5-4.

The Phillies end Interleague Play on a high note as they leave Toronto with a series win and a two-game winning streak, as they defeat the Blue Jays, 5-4. The win, the 252nd in Jamie Moyer’s long career, pushes him into 43rd place on the all-time wins list, going past Hall of Famer Bob Gibson. But it was not easy.

The Blue Jays took a quick lead in the first as, with one man out, Aaron Hill hits a solo home run, his eighteenth home run of the season, making it 1-0 Blue Jays. Toronto increased their lead in the second, as, with one man on, and two men out, Jose Bautista hits a two-run home run, his second home run of the year, knocking in Lyle Overbay, who had just walked, to give the Blue Jays a 3-0 lead. In the third, the Phils made it 3-1 Blue Jays, as, with runners on second and third, and with one man out, Ryan Howard hits an RBI ground out, 3-unassisted, scoring Shane Victorino, who had earlier singled, moved over to second on Jayson Werth’s walk, and then went to third when Chase Utley struck out, but the ball got passed Blue Jays’s catcher Raul Chavez for a passed ball, while sending Werth, who had earlier walked, and had moved up to second on the pass ball, would go on to third base. It then became a 4-1 Blue Jays’ lead as Hill hits a lead-off home run, his ninteenth home run of the year, and his second of the game. Later in the inning, the Blue Jays threathen to add more runs to their lead, as they had two men on base, Scott Rolen via a double, and Adam Lind via a walk, with only one out. But Phils’ starter Jamie Moyer would get out of the jam by striking out first Alex Rios, and then Overbay, with both man swinging. The Phils would then take over the lead in the fourth. The Phils would load the bases on a Pedro Feliz single, a Chris Coste walk, which would move Feliz up to second base, and then a bunt single by Eric Bruntlett, which moved both Feliz and Coste up a base, with nobody out. Carlos Ruiz then hits a grounder to Blue Jays’ third baseman, Rolen, which could have been a doubleplay ball, if the play wasn’t broken up by Bruntlett’s slide, knocking down Blue Jays’ second baseman, Hill. The play instead becomes a force out, 5-4, allowing Feliz to score from third, making the score 4-2 Blue Jays, while Coste would move to third, and Ruiz would be safe first, with only one out. Victorino then followed with a sacrifice fly for the inning’s second out, scoring Coste from third, making it a 4-3 Blue Jays’ lead. Two batters later, with two men on, and still two men out, Utley hits a two-run triple, knocking in Ruiz, who had gone to second on Werth’s single, and Werth, who had just singled, to give the Phils’ a 5-4 lead. That would be the score until the ninth, as Moyer would handle the Blue Jays for the fourth-fifth innings, Chan Ho Park would shut them down for two innings, and Ryan Madson would keep the Blue Jays in check in the eighth inning. In the ninth, the Phils would hand the ball over to Brad Lidge, back from the 15-games disabled list, to record the save. At first, he ran into trouble, as he allowed two men on base, a single to Chavez and a walk to Marco Scutaro, moving John McDonald, who was pinch running for Chavez, to second base with the tying run. After getting Hill to pop out to Utley, with the Infield Fly Rule in effect, for the first out, Lidge would pick McDonald off of second base. After missing McDonald, he threw the ball to Feliz, who would eventually tag McDonald out, 1-5-6-5, for the inning’s second out, killing the threat as the batter, Vernon Wells, then proceeded to ground out 6-3, for the final out.

Jamie Moyer won the game, pitching five innings, giving up four runs on five hits and two walks, while striking four. His record for the year is now 6-6, the Phils’ first six game winner, with an ERA of 6.05. Chan Ho Park recorded his fourth hold as he pitched two scoreless innings, striking out a batter. Ryan Madson recorded his fourteenth hold of the season, as he gave up only a hit and a walk. Brad Lidge recorded his fourteenth save of the year, as he gave up only a hit and a walk. Brian Tallet got the lost, as he pitched six inning, giving up five runs, only four of which were earned, on eight hits and six walks, while striking out six. His record is now 5-5 with a 4.47 ERA. Brandon League, Jeremy Accardo and Jason Frasor combined for three shut out innings, giving up only two hits (League (1), Frasor (1)) and three walks (Accardo (2)  Frasor (1)) between them, while they stuck out only three batters (League (2), Accardo (1)).

The Phillies collected ten hits in the game, with Chase Utley leading the team with two hits, a double and a triple, knocking in two runs, as he raised his average to .302. Shane Victornio, Jayson Werth, Ryan Howard, Pedro Feliz, Chris Coste, Eric Bruntlett, Carlos Ruiz and Matt Stairs got the other eight Phils’ hits, all singles, with Stairs’ being a pinch hit single. Besides Utley’s two RBIs, Howard, Victorino and Ruiz each knocked in a run, with Victorino’s being a sacrifice fly. With Interleague Play now behind them, as well as a series win, the Phils will resume playing fellow National League teams, as they hope to increase their lead in the NL East.

The Phillies (39-34, 1st) have the day off today. They will resume play tomorrow night with their first visit to Atlanta as they face the Braves, hoping to continue their road winning ways as they at the moment stand at .500 for the present road trip. They are presently leading the Mets by two and a half games, as they were swept this weekend by the Yankees.



  1. phi8008

    Hey thanks for the support and dropping by my blog, glad you like it. You down for trading links?
    And by the way how weird is it that Jamie Moyer is leading our team in wins for the 2nd straight year? He’s the man,
    And your Peta comment made me laugh, they’re pricks. I don’t know if you saw it during the playoffs last year but they actually went after Shane Victorino for eating spam. What a bunch of douchebags.
    Thanks though, let me know if its cool if we trade links or whatever.

  2. phi8008

    And by the way you gotta check out Yohan Flande, minor league pitcher for the Phils who was just promoted to AA Reading. There was an article about him in the Daily News this morning and he looks like he could be the real deal. I just posted a quick entry on him with a link to the article if you wanna check it out.

  3. philliesredpinstripes

    To Julia: You’re glad it’s over!!! I was doing cartwheels the very minute the game was over Sunday!!!! Finally, no more seeing AL teams until maybe the World Series. The All-Star game does not count in this aspect.

  4. philliesredpinstripes

    To Payoff Pitch: You’re welcome on the support and yes, I do like the blog. Sure, we can swap links. I’l put down yours as soon as I’m finished with my response.
    Yes, it is weird that Jamie is the guy with the most wins for the team. That either tell us something about Jamie, or about the young studs, (I’m looking at you, Coel), who have not pitched too well at the start of the season (I don’t mean you, Brett. You have an excuse. You got hurt.).
    As for PETA, just talking truth, bro. PETA is nothing more than a bunch of attention ******. Nothing more, nothing less. Didn’t know about them getting on Shane. Maybe because Shane didn’t say anything, as he was too busy dodging baseballs thrown at his head. But seriously, theres is only two ways to deal with that bunch: Ignore them, or sarcase the holy heck out of them. And these people need the later done to them real bad.
    Now, on Yohan Flande’s promotion, this guy is so much under the radar screen that I didn’t even know he existed. I just hope he does not get messed up between Reading and here.

  5. philliesredpinstripes

    You’re welcome on the link swaps. And last night’s game was the absolute pits!!! I can not believe it. Madson spent a little too much time worrying about the guy on first, when he needed to get just one more out to end the inning. As for Jimmy, I think it’s either a case of the pitchers having his number this year, or hs forgetting what he is suppose to be doing from the lead-off spot, i.e. get his butt on first base to set things up later.

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