The offense once again does not help their ace as the Phils fall to the Twins, 4-1.

One day after their disappointing lost to the Twins, the once thought reguevnated Phils’ offense once again gives no runs support to their ace, Roy Halladay, as they lose to the Twins, 4-1. I am so getting tired of Interleague Play!!!

The Twins took the lead in the first as, with a runner on second, and with one man out, Joe Mauer hits an RBI single, scoring Orlando Hudson, who had earlier singled, and then stole second base, giving the Twins a 1-0 lead. The Twins made it 2-0 in the fifth as, with one man out, Denard Span hits a solo home run, his second home run of the season. The Phils would cut the Twins’ lead to 2-1 in their half of the fifth as, with one man out, Wilson Valdez hits a solo home run of his own, his second of the season, and in as many games. The Twins would then get that run back in the sixth as, with a runner on third, and with one man out, Jason Kubel hits an RBI single, scoring Justin Morneau, who had earlier singled, moved to second when Shane Victorino tried to throw him out by throwing behind him at first, and instead commiting a throwing error by allowing him to get to second base, and a Michael Cuddyer’s slow ground out, 6-3, making it a 3-1 Twins’ lead. The Twins then made it 4-1 in the eighth as, with one man out, Morneau hits a solo home run, his fifteenth home run of the season. That would end up being the final score as Twins’ starter Carl Pavano would pitch a complete game by getting Jayson Werth to end the game with a fly out to right, after he had given up a single to Ryan Howard, with two men out.

 Roy Halladay took the lost as he pitches eight innings, giving up four runs, three of which were earned, on eleven hits, as he struck out eight. His record is now 8-6 with a 2.43 ERA. Chad Durbin pitches a 1-2-3 inning. Carl Pavano gets the win as he pitches a complete game, giving up just one run on four hits, as he strikes out two. His record is now 8-6 with an ERA of 3.64.

The Phils had only four hits in the game, singles from Placido Polanco, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, and a home run from Wilson Valdez. Yesterday’s lost was a result of Saturday’s extra-inning lost, as the Phils had the wind knocked out of their sails, after taking what looked like a commanding lead into the ninth and then watch the back end of the bullpen implode. Hopefully, they will be able to regroup as this is an off-day, and the team’s sparkplug, Jimmy Rollins, will be back in the line-up, starting tomorrow night. Please Jimmy, do not get hurt again this season!!! Oh, and start lighting up a few backsides while you’re at it, a few guys need it, seriously.

The Phils (35-32, 3rd NL East), as mentioned earlier, have the day off today. Fellows, please, use the time to get your minds off of this weekend’s fiasco, and just get ready to beat up on the Indians (26-42, 5th AL Central). And please, no repeat of what happen the last time you faced an AL last place team. Please, no getting swept!!!!!! That was too embarassing.


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