Breaking news: Howard is on the D/L. Oh BLEAT!!!!!

The Phils have just announced that they have reluctantly placed Ryan Howard on the disabled list. They have brought up OF John Mayberry (.258, 12 HR, 54 RBIs) from Lehigh Valley to take his place on the roster.

I knew it, I JUST KNEW IT!!! I just knew he was going to be saying hi to Chase and Shane on the d/l as soon as I saw how badly he went back to the second base bag on Sunday. I did not want to hear it, but deep down in my heart, I knew that that was where he was headed. That blasted injury bug has just gotten its biggest victim on the Phil’s roster, and what a time for it to strike, right as the pennant race was starting to heat up. I know one thing, this is not 1979. I don’t know what year this is like, but this year is just driving me nuts.

If the boys are still in it when Labor Day arrives, it’ll be a miracle. Start praying for a speedy recovery for Howard, folks.


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