The most recent Phillies news…

Last week the Phils’ picked up, via waivers, infielder Carlos Rivero from the Cleveland Indians.

The team is still looking for low price free agents for their bullpen, while pondering whether to give new contracts to either Chad Durbin or Jose Contreras, or to both pitchers. In the meantime, they are in the hunt to resign Jayson Werth, but since his agent Scott Boras is asking for money in the Matt Holliday/Jason Bay range, it is more than likely that he won’t be back in red pinstripes.

It has been announced on Monday that ex-Phil Jamie Moyer has re-injured his left elbow while pitching winter ball in the Dominican Republic, while trying to prove that he can still pitch. Ouch. Talk about a setback. Hope it wasn’t too bad an injury, Jamie.

It was also announced yesterday that former Phil GM Pat Gillick is on the Hall of Fame ballot that is being sent to the committee to elect those managers, executives and retired players who were not elected originally, who come from Baseball’s Expansion-era (post-1960). Congrats on getting on the Ballot, Pat, and wish you luck getting into the Hall. You deserve it.

Lastly, today, there is speculation that former Phil, ex-Orioles manager and fan favorite, Juan Samuel, is thinking of taking over Davey Lopes’ position as the team’s first base coach. If he does, that should be good news for the team, since he was a very successful base stealer during his days as a ballplayer. Is has also been announced that they are looking at Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg as the new manager for their Triple-A Lehigh Valley ballclub, as he is leaving the Cubs Triple-A club after being pass over as the main club’s new manager. He might be another popular move, if the Phils do go after him. Whether the pair will actually get either post is another question.



  1. raysrenegade

    Thought Jose Contreras had a pretty respectable seaon compared to the rest of his Phillies minions, but I could have missed a flop or two.
    There is going to be a plethora of medium priced relievers out there, with a few coming off injury question marks. If the Phillies can find the 2011 “Joaquin Benoit” who posted one of the best ERA season of someone not named Eckersley.
    It would be a huge discovery and might just be what the Phillies need.
    Good Hunting!

    Rays Renegade

  2. philliesredpinstripes

    He did. Especially when you compare it to Danys Baez. Ugh, talk about a disaster. And the Phils still have him under contract for another year. Best idea is to eat up the second year and release him, and try to sign Jose, while looking for more help.

    While there’s going to be a lot of relievers out their, the Phils’ at present low budget is going to be making them real picky about who they’re going to go after to help out the bullpen.

    Joacuin Benoit? Guess I’m goig to have to look up his record to get a better idea who you’re talking about.

    Good Hunting indeed. They’re going to be needing it.

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