Spring Training has started…

And the Phils’ pitchers and catchers have started working out to get in shape for the season. The major buzz in camp on Monday was the media conference that was held with the team’s five starters (Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamel and Blanton), in which the five downplayed the fact that they are suppose to be the best rotation in the major, while also reminding folks about Blanton, especially after one reporter had forgotten that two of the five (Hamels and Blanton) and not one of them presently have World Championship rings, and that, according to Lee, they are not accepting any of the nicknames that have been created about them by the fans, since none of them are taking into account all five members. (I love this, being humble, and showing their support for Blanton. Sounds like they all have their heads together.)  Now they just need to show that they’re all ready to go start throwing goose eggs at the opposition.

While the pitchers and catchers are getting ready, there are at the moment two regulars also at camp, Chase Utley (Man, does he know what the word relaxing mean? Obviously not if he’s there now) and Jimmy Rollins. With Rollins, this is a surprise, but should be an indication that he wants to put the last three seasons (2008-2010) behind him, and help to prove that he deserves an extension on his contract, which is suppose to end this season. If he can stay healthy and have a comeback season, he should get his extension. Good luck, James, we’re all hoping for the best for you this year. And, since he is suppose to be the sparkplug for the offense, this should help the team a lot, especially through leading by example for the younger members (Dom Brown) of the team.


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