Lee’s health…or, someone please call out the adults.

It would seems that last month, while Cliff Lee was home playing catch he felt something wrong along the left side of his body, around the armpit, so, while he was planning to come to the city anyway, he had the Phils’ team physician Michael Ciccotti exam him, after having first called the team’s athletic trainer Scott Sheridan. The result of the exam was that the MRI discovered a minor strain along the left latissimus dorsi.

The Phils suggested that he do nothing for eight days, which Lee did, and when he pitched from the mound last Tuesday, his session was shorter than the rest, to make sure that there was nothing wrong with him. Other than that, he has been working out with the rest of the pitching staff, waiting for his opportunity to pitch in his first spring training game.

Okay, now I see nothing wrong with the Phils being careful with Lee, especially after spring training of last year when he was a member of the Mariners, in which he got injuried, and missed the start of the 2010 season. But, if the man himself says that he is right now feeling fine, let take his word for it, unless something else proves otherwise. I’m going to give Lee, and the Phils, the benefit of the doubt until his left side, or some other part of his anatomy, really start giving him problems. Until then, I’m not going to listen to the talk about his ‘injury’ since he is not injured. All that will do is waste too much of my time with needless worry.


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