Post No. 900: The Phils announced that they will be sidelining Utley indefinitely…

The Phils have just announced that they plan to sideline their star second baseman Chase Utley indefinitely until his right knee gets better, as an MRI reveals that not only does he have mild patellar tendinitis of the right knee, but that there is also bone inflammation (Which may help explain why the right knee is not healing the way it should be). The Phils have no idea when Utley will be back, although it is likely that they will place him on the 15-day disable list when the regular season starts on April 1. Although surgery is an option, the Phils are thinking of doing it only as a last resort.

As the Phils try to figure out when Chase will be ready to go during the season, the Phils have said that they will, for the moment, not be looking outside of the organization for his replacement. This, of course, means that we’ll be, once again, seeing Wilson Valdez as the starting second base for a while, with someone else taking his place on the bench from among those who are presently playing with the team during spring training.

I just plainly hope that this will not throw a major monkey wrench into the team’s chances to make the playoffs, never mind the World Series.

Get well soon, Chase.


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