Roy Oswalt and Michael Stutes combine for the eight-hit shutout as the Phils beat the Nats, 5-0.

Phils pitching shuts down the Nats’ bats, as they defeat the Nationals, 5-0.

The Phils took the lead in the fourth as, with two men on, and with two men out, Wilson Valdez hits a two-run triple, knocking in John Mayberry, Jr., who had earlier singled, then, although being caught off first base by Nats’ starter John Lannan, he would be safe at second as shortstop Ian Desmond committed a miss catch error, and Carlos Ruiz, who had just walked, giving the Phils a 2-0 lead. The Nats tried to score in their half of the fourth as, with two men on, Ryan Zimmerman on second, via a single, and a walk to Michael Morse, which sent Zimmrman up to second base, and with one man out, Jayson Werth hits a single to left. Zimmerman is sent in to score, but, he is thrown out at the plate by a one-hop strike by Mayberry, for the inning’s second out, while Morse would stop at second base on the play. Roy Oswalt would then get out of the inning by striking out Danny Espinosa. That would turn out to be the Nats’ last shot as Oswalt would control them until he is replaced by Michael Stutes in the ninth. The Phils would add to their lead in the sixth as Hunter Pence hits a lead-off home run, his fifteenth home run of the year, and his fourth as a Phil, giving the Phils a 3-0 lead. Five batters later, the Phils made it a 5-0 lead as, with two men on, and with one man out, Jimmy Rollins hits a two-run single, knocking in Carlos Ruiz, who had earlier singled, sending Mayberry, who had singled earlier, up to second base, then moved up to second base on Valdez’s force out grounder, 5-unassisted, forcing out Mayberry at third base, for the inning’s first out, then stopped at third base on Oswalt’s sacrifice bunt that lead to the bases being loaded as Collin Balester tried to throw to third base to force out Ruiz, but failed, and Valdez, who had been safe at first on his force out, then would stop at second base on Oswalt’s sac bunt, giving the Phils a 5-0 lead, while Oswalt, who had been safe at first on the sac bunt-fielder’s choice, would be thrown out at third, 8-5, for the inning’s second out, while Rollins would move up to second base on the throw. That would be the final score as Stutes pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, ending the game on an Espinosa ground out, 3-unassisted.

Roy Oswalt (6-7, 3.51) got the win as he pitched eight shutout innings, giving up eight hits and a walk, while striking out nine. Michael Stutes pitched a 1-2-3 inning, striking out a batter. John Lannan (8-9, 2.61) took the lost as he pitched five innings plus three batters, giving up five runs, only three of which were earned, on seven hits and four walks, while striking out one. Collin Balester pitched two innings, giving up two hits and a walk, while striking out two. Henry Rodriguez and Ryan Mattheus combined for two scoreless innings, giving up two walks (one each), while striking out two (Rodriguez) batters between them.

The Phils had nine hits in the ballgame, with Jimmy Rollins (2 RBIs), John Mayberry, Jr. and Carlos Ruiz all leading the team with two hits each, all singles. Shane Victorino (Single), Hunter Pence (Home Run, RBI) and Wilson Valdez (Triple, 2 RBI), had the other three Phils’ hits.

The Phils (81-43, 1st) will conclude their series (depending on the weather) with the Nats (60-64, 3rd), with the game already in progress, with the Phils presently in the lead.


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