The Phils have just announced that they have….you have got to be kidding me!!!

Earlier today the Phils have announced that they have brought back Ed Wade, the recently fired GM of the Houston Astros.

Wade, who used to work for the Phils in several positions, most recently as the team’s GM from 1998-2005, will be acting as a special consultant to the baseball operations department. In his new posting, according to the club, he will be assisting in salary arbitration, as well as acting as a scout at both the major and minor league levels.

While it is true that during his tenure as the team’s GM, he was the one responsible for putting in place the team’s present core, Wade had also made a few free agent deals and trades that had backfired, ticking off the fan base in the process, especially when he did not appear willing to make the big trade that would had finally gotten the ballclub back into the playoffs, when it just missed getting in in the mid-2000s, before finally being given his walking papers. And, lets not forget how he reacted when he was let go by the Phils. (I mean his little tirade at the fans.)

I am just hoping that Amaro, Montgomery, Giles and company know what they’re doing bringing him back. Only time will tell, as I’ll, for now, will give them the benefit of the doubt.


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