Dear Santa…

This is what I am hoping that the Phils will do in 2012:

1) That Ryan Howard, when he returned from his injury, will learn not to swing at the pitcher’s junk, and to take a walk when it is being offered to him;

2) That Chase Utley will be able to make a comeback from last year’s injury, and will be willing to take a day off, when told to;

3) That Placido Polanco will be able to recover from his previous two seasons worth of injuries;

4) That the retooled bench will be able to contribute during the season;

5) That Uncle Chuck learns to love playing small ball;

6) That at least one of the team’s top three starters (Halladay, Lee, Hamels) will end up with 20 wins, and that the other two will end up with at least 15;

7) That Vance Worley will improve over last year’s performance;

8) That the Phils will be able to sign Cole Hamels to a multi-year contract;

and lastly, 9) That the Phils will get back into the World Series, and not be the stepping stone for another National League team during the playoffs.


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