I’d been away for a while…

and it’s been mainly because I’d been cleaning up my apartment. Don’t ask, other than that I’d mainly been cleaning up a lot of dust.

Anyway, in Phils’ related news, before yesterday, was the Phils’ announcement that Ryan Howard (left Achilles tendon) had been cleared by doctors, and that he can start doing baseball related activities within six weeks. That’s good news, but I hope that he’ll take his time and, if it means that he won’t be ready until mid-to-late May, so be it. I just hope that he’ll be able to recover his pop when he is back, since most of his power will be based on how well he’ll be able to push off his legs when he hits the ball. I’m just glad he’s a first baseman, so that he won’t be doing a lot of moving around trying to get balls hits in his direction. Jose Contreras (right elbow) has also been cleared so that he can start a throwing program today to get ready for Spring Training, while Cole Hamels (surgery to remove bodies from his left elbow) is throwing and says he’s feeling fine, while Placido Polanco and Hunter Pence (sports hernia surgery) both say that they should be 100% by the start of Spring Training. That’s sounds like good news all around.

Other news is that the Phils have decided to release John Bowker, who went 0 for 13 in 12 games for the Phils after being picked up in a trade with the Pirates late in 2011. Bowker will be trying to continue his baseball career in Japan. Good luck, John, but at your performance as a Phil, I am not sad to see you go.


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