Romero has been vindicated…

Anyone out there remembers J.C. Romero being given a 50 day suspension at the start of the 2009 season because in 2008 he had tested positive for banned substances, although he had claimed that he had only taken supplements that he had purchased at a local vitamin chain store, and had been assured that it was okay to take the supplements after he had first gotten in touch with the players association? Well, it has just been announced that Romero had just won his case against both GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, the store chain that had sold the product, and Ergopharm and Proviant Technologies, the company that had made the product with the banned substance (androstenedione), which had been mislabeled, for an undisclosed amount of cash. Romero, who is now a member of the World Champions St. Louis Cardinals, sued both the manufacturer and the vitamin chain store in New Jersey Superior Court back in early 2009 to clear his name. Looks like mission accomplish in that aspect.

Happy to hear that you’d been vindicated, J.C. Doesn’t mean that I won’t be booing you if you’re pitching against the Phils during the season. 😉


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