Spring Training: Ryan Howard have hit a minor bump on the rehab road.

The Phils have reported that Ryan Howard have suffered a slight setback in his rehab from his Achilles tendon surgery as he had a procedure performed in Baltimore to clean out an infection to the original wound which will require him to stay off his feet for a few days. But, other than that in the big picture, according to Scott Sheridan, the Achilles is intact and have not compromised.

What happened is that one of the sutures from the operation did not dissolve properly, and have led to an infection, which, in turn, have required some antibiotics be used to clean out the infection. With that, the Phils have told Howard to stay off his feet for a while to allow the antibiotics to work on the infection. The Phils have said that they will consult with foot and ankle specialist Mark Myerson in a couple of days to see how this will actually affect his rehab.

Hopefully this will only keep Howard off his feet for a few days, and won’t have a major impact on his rehab. But, as I’d said in the past, I’ll be happy to see him back around mid-to-late May. Take your time coming back, Ryan.


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