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Live Journal: What the… I don’t remember using the Wayback Machine…

Originally posted May 17, 2007:

Okay, time for a good laugh. I’d just heard that during the Phillies’ game, during the seventh inning stretch, it seems that one of the fans did more than stretch. He removed his clothes and proceeded to streak. That’s right, STREAK inside the ballpark!!! I’d thought that went out with the ’70s. I am really glad that the folks who reported this on Channel 6 didn’t show the actually deed being done. Well, I wish I was a fly on the wall when he explained why he did it to the authorities. Maybe he was protesting the war in Iraq? Maybe he was protesting the fact that Mumbia is still in jail? Maybe he was protecting Nutter winning the Democratic nomination for Philadelphia’s next mayor? Maybe he was starving for attention? Or maybe, he’s just a jerk? I think it’s the last one myself.