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I would like to…

Thanks the Phils for getting into the World Series for the second straight year in a row, something that doesn’t exactly happens with this franchise. Sure, they didn’t win back-to-back World Series Championships, which still hurts like the dickens, folks, but at least they gave it their all, before the Yanks and Hideki Matsui’s bat finally killed them in game six. I’m quite sure that this team will be back to the World Series, and soon, as long as the people who run this team, starting with G.M. Ruben Amaro, Jr., do not make the same series of bad moves that sent the Phils into the baseball wilderness in the late 80s, 90s and early 00s.

I would also like to congratulates the Yankees for winning the World Series. Ok, the better team won this year. But, do not for one minute think that our boys won’t be back to reclaim the title. Just watch your backs, fellows. You’re now the one that the other twenty-nine teams are now gunning for in 2010. Enjoy the crown, for now.

And speaking about 2010, the Phils have already made a few moves. 1) They have bought out Cliff Lee’s option for 2010. Good move, guys. But the even better move will be to sign him to a long term contract. Are you hearing me, Ruben? Nail him down, now. 2) The Phils have told Brett Myers that they will not need his services any longer. To be honest, I saw this coming. Anyway, Brett, I wish you luck finding another team. 3) The Phils have told Pedro Feliz that they will not be buying out his option for 2010. This is something of a surprise, but makes some sense. Although Pedro was a good, in fact a very good defender, at third base, his weak bat and lack of plate discipline, hurt, especially during the playoffs, when he swung at too many first pitches thrown at him by opposing pitchers. Hopefully the Phils will be able to find someone who is just as good defensively as Pedro was, but will add to the team’s offense next season. And, Pedro, I also wish you luck finding a new team for next season.


And the Phillies’ opponent for the 2008 World Series is…

The Tampa Bay Rays. Congratulations for finally putting away a Red Sox team that just would not go into that sweet good night without a fight. You youngsters better enjoy the next two days off because the Phillies are coming into town and they do not intend to roll over and play dead. Expect a fight, boys, as the Phils are going to be gunning for their second World Series crown and they don’t intend to give up.