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Philadelphia Phillies – Awards: Cy Young Award.

During the 54-year existence of the Cy Young Award, created a year after the death of the man it was named after, Hall of Famer Cy Young, four Phils have won the award, after it had been spilt in 1967 into separate awards for the NL and AL, for a total of seven times.

The first Phil to win the award was Hall of Famer Steve Cartlon, who won the first of four awards in 1972, when he went 27-10, including 15 wins in a row, as he won around half the games for a last place Phillies team, with an ERA of  1.98. He won his second award in 1977, as he helped lead the Phils to their second of three straight Eastern Division titles, as he went 23-10 with an ERA of 2.64. He won his third Cy Young in 1980, as he lead the Phils to their first World Series crown, with a record of 24-9 and an ERA of 2.34. Carlton would win his fourth and last Cy Young in 1982, as the Phils finished in second place behind the World Champions St. Louis Cardinals, as he went 23-11 with a high ERA (for him) of 3.11. The second Phil to win the award would by John Denny in 1983, as he help lead the ‘Wheeze Kids’ to their fourth NL flag, with a record of 19-6 and an ERA of 2.37. The third Phil to win the team’s sixth Cy Young Award was relief pitcher Steve Bedrosian, who in 1987, would lead the league in saves with 40 of them, while recording a win-lost record of 5-3 with an ERA of 2.83. The seventh, and most recent Cy Young Award was just won this season (2010) by Roy Halladay, who had a win-lost record of 21-10 with an ERA of 2.44.

Among the seven awards, six were won in the 20th Century and one in the 21st century, as six of the awards were won by a starter, while one was won by a relief pitcher. Steve Carlton has won the most awards with four, while the other three winners have so far won one award each. Steve Cartlon had the most wins (27 in 1972) and had the lowest ERA (1.98, also in ’72) as well as won it with the highest ERA (3.11 in 1982) among the four Phils who had won the award, while Steve Bedrosian had the lowest number of wins (5 in 1987) while winning the award, since he won it based on the number of saves that he had recorded that season (40).

Who will win it next? If he continues to pitch well, Halladay should have another Cy Young Award by the time his present contract runs out, unless either Cole Hamels or Roy Oswalt are able to pitch better than him within the next two-three years.


The Phillies will continue their trip to Washington, trying to win their second series in a row.

The Phillies (57-49) three games series with the last place Nationals (38-68) will continue tonight with a night game from Nationals Park. The game will began at 7:10 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will be Jamie Moyer (9-6, 3.76), who is coming off a well pitched game that ended up as a no-decision against the Mets on July 24, as he pitched his ninth straight quality start, going seven inning, giving up only one earned run on two hits, in the Phillies’ 2-1 lost. He will be trying once again for his tenth win of the year while also going for his tenth straight quality start. Moyer has faced the Nationals already twice this year, with a 1-0 record, and a no-decision that the Phillies would win in extra-innings, as he pitch a combined total of nine and two-thirds innings, giving up six runs, three of which were earned, on sixteen hits. The Nationals will counter by sending to the mound Tim Redding (7-5, 3.98), who is coming off a lost against the Giants on July 24, where he went eight innings, giving up an earned run on seven hits, in the Nationals’ 1-0 lost. He has already faced the Phillies twice this year, with a 2-0 record, keeping the Phils scoreless in thirteen and a third innings on eight hits. He will be aiming for his third win against the Phillies this season, while trying to keep them scoreless.

The Phillies’ offense tonight will be trying to figure out how they can best defeat Tim Redding, who has so far this year have shut them out in over thirteen innings of work, especially after yesterday’s performance in which they did almost nothing against the rookie hurler, Collin Balester. The Phillies have better figure him out quickly, since it would appear that with the way the Nationals are playing right now, the veteran Jamie Moyer should have almost no problem dominating them tonight, unless he throws up a real harmful mistake or two. The offense, if it have a game plan to defeat Redding tonight, I would highly recommend that they follow it and try not to improvise. Otherwise, they are going to be in for a long and frustrating night tonight. After all, Redding is beatable, else he would not have had five loses this year. So, just figure out what Redding has done wrong in those five loses and use that knowledge against him. But remember, above all, one very important thing: He’s not Cy Young, he’s not Walter Johnson, he’s not Carl Hubbell, he’s not Dizzy Dean, he’s not Whitey Ford, he’s not Bob Gibson, he’s not Steve Carlton and he certainly is not Tom Glavine. Now get in there and beat the pants off of him.

The Phillies go into tonight’s game trailing the Mets by half a game and ahead of the Marlins by a game and a half, as the two teams prepare for the final game of their three games series in Miami. The fourth place Braves trail the Phillies by seven and a half games as they prepare to face St. Louis for the third game of their four games set. The Phillies will be hoping that the pesky fish will defeat the Mets tonight while they try to regain first place in the National League East, while at the same time hoping that the Braves, especially after their trade of Mark Teixeira to the Angels, will start fading from the pennant picture.

Edit: Looking at Beerleaguer.com, I’d just learned that against the Phillies, Tim Redding is 4-2 with a 2.34 ERA in eight career starts. Which shows that the Phillies has been able to beat him in the past. The offense will need to remember how they have done it in the past if they want to continue today and in the future.