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National League Divisional Series: Game 3: The Phillies are unable to sweep the Brewers as the bats are unable to knock in runs in a 4-1 lost. They now have a 2-1 lead in the series.

The Phillies’ offense would leave several runners in scoring position as they are unable to get a key hit as the Phillies lose to the Brewers, 4-1, losing an opportunity to end the series with a sweep. The Brewers, being a bit more patient at the plate as they faced Phillies’ starter Jamie Moyer, would score first in the first inning, as, with runners on second and third, and one out, Prince Fielder would hit a sacrifice fly, scoring Mike Cameron, who has earlier walked, moved to second on Bill Hall’s walk and would both move up a base on Moyer’s wild pitch, giving the Brewers a quick 1-0 lead. The Brewers would then take a 2-0 lead as, now with a runner on third, and two outs, J.J. Hardy would hit a RBI single, scoring Hall, who has moved up to third base on Fielder’s sacrifice fly. The score would remain 2-0 Brewers through the next four and a half innings, as Moyer would settle in while the Phillies’ batters would leave runners in scoring position in the second through fourth innings, and a runner on first in the fifth, as they are unable to get a key hit off of Brewers’ starter Dave Bush. The Brewers would increase their lead in the bottom of the fifth, as, with runners on the corners and no one out, Ryan Braun would hit a sacrifice fly, scoring Cameron, would was earlier hit by the pitch, and would move up to third on Hall’s single, giving the Brewers a 3-0 lead. The Phillies would get a run back in the sixth, as, with a runner on third and one out, Ryan Howard would hit a RBI ground out, 6-3, scoring Jayson Werth, who has earlier tripled on a ball that Brewers’ right fielder Corey Hart could not hold on to, making it 3-1 Brewers. The Brewers would get the run back in the seventh, as, with runners on first and third and one out, Jason Kendall would hit a RBI single, scoring Hardy, who has earlier singled, moved to second on Hart’s sacrifice bunt and would then move to third on Craig Counsell’s single, giving the Brewers a 4-1 lead. In the Phillies’ ninth, they would make one last threat to tie the game. They would proceed to load the bases on Brewers’ closer Salomom Torres via three straight singles by Howard, pinch hitter Greg Dobbs and Shane Victorino. The next batter, Pedro Feliz, would then ground into a double play, 6-4-3, wiping out Victorino at second, while scoring Howard, to make it a 4-2 Brewers’ lead, while moving Dobbs up to third. Or so everyone thought at first, as the umpires were soon having a conference among themselves, before they declared that Howard and Dobbs needed to go back to third and second respectively as Victorino appeared to have interferred with the play as he attempted to disrupt Brewers’ second baseman Counsell’s throw to first. The next batter, Carlos Ruiz, would then follow with a ground out, 1-3, for the game’s final out, giving the Phillies a 2-1 lead in the divisional series.

Jamie Moyer will take the lost, going only four innings as he gives up two earned runs on four hits and three walks, while striking out three. His post-season record is 0-1 with a 4.50 ERA. Clay Condrey would pitch an inning in relief, giving up an earned run on a hit, a hit batter and two walks, while striking out one. Chad Durbin would pitch two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs on three hits, while striking out one. Scott Eyre would pitch an inning, giving up an earned run on three hits, while striking out one. Ryan Madson would pitch an inning and a third of shut out ball, giving up no hits and striking out two. Dave Bush would get the win as he pitches five and one third innings, giving up an earned run on five hits, while striking out three. His post-season record is 1-0 with a 1.69 ERA. Mitch Stetter would pitch a third of an inning, getting out the only man he would face. Carlos Villanueva would pitch an inning and a third, giving up no runs or hits. Eric Gagne would pitch a scoreless inning, giving up just one hit. Salomon Torres would get the save as he pitches a scorless inning, giving up three hits.

The Phillies’ offense would do the Phillies in yesterday, getting a bit too aggressive against Dave Bush as they tried to knock him out early, to put the series away in three games. Sadly, Bush would find ways to constantly dodge the bullet in the five and one third innings that he would pitch, as the Phillies would end up stranding seven men on base, all but two of whom would be in scoring position. Meanwhile, the Brewers would be a bit more patient batting against Jamie Moyer, who was not helped by getting pinched on the corners by the home plate umpire. Although he would eventually settle down, he would only last four innings because of his high pitch count.

The fourth game of the divisional series is presently in progress. The Phillies are sending Joe Blanton to the mound against the Brewers’ Jeff Suppan. The Phillies are presently leading 5-0 after five innings, with Suppan already being taken out of the game and replaced by Yovani Gallardo. Unless something happens in the final four innings, it looks like the Phillies will clinch this afternoon in Milwaukee.


National League Divisional Series: Game 2: The Phillies show that C.C. is just as human as anyone else as they ride Shane Victorino’s Grand Slam to a 5-2 win over the Brewers. They now head to Milwaukee with a 2-0 lead.

The Phillies show to the rest of the league that C.C. Sabathia is as human as the rest of us by scoring five runs off of him in the second inning before running him out of the game in the fourth as the Phillies’ ride Brett Myers’ two-hit pitching and Shane Victorino’s grand slam to a 5-1 victory over the Brew Crew. Things didn’t start out so brightly in the first inning, as the Brewers, after Mike Cameron started the game off by striking out on three pitches, would load the bases on Phillies’ starter Brett Myers via a walk to Ray Durham on four pitches, a double to Ryan Braun, which would send Durham to third, and an intentional walk to Prince Fielder. J.J. Hardy would then follow with a walk of his own, forcing in Durham with the game’s first run, giving the Brewers a 1-0 lead. But Myers would then get out of the inning as the next batter, Corey Hart, would hit the first pitch thrown to him directly to Myers. Myers would throw home for the second out of the inning as Carlos Ruiz would touch home plate before Braun can cross it. Ruiz would then throw over to first, beating out Hart, for the inning’s final out. That would turn out to be the first key moment of the game, as Myers would then settle down after the first inning. Meanwhile, the Phillies would try to strike back in their half of the first, as they would have a runner on third, via a Shane Victorino double and a stolen base, and one man out, when Brewers’ starter Sabathia would end the inning by striking out both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard swinging, and doing it by throwing only seventeen pitches. But, after Myers pitches a 1-2-3 second, the Phillies would go back to work on Sabathia. After Pat Burrell would start the inning off with a fly out to left, Jayson Werth would get on base with a double. Pedro Feliz would follow him with a RBI double, knocking in Werth, and tying the game at 1-1. After a Ruiz ground out to first would put Feliz on third, Myers would come up to bat. Myers would battle with Sabathia until on the ninth pitch thrown to him, he would get a walk, putting runners on the corners. That would be the second key moment of the game, as Sabathia’s pitch count starts to rise and he is beginning to miss the plate. Jimmy Rollins would follow Myers with a four pitch walk, loading the bases, as Myers would move up to second, bringing up to the plate Victorino. Trailing in the count, 1-2, Victorino would belt a slider into the left field seats for a grand slam home run, the first one ever hit by a Phillie in the playoffs, scoring Feliz, Myers and Rollins, and giving the Phils a 5-1 lead. Sabathia would finally end the inning by getting Utley to once again strike out swinging, but by then the damage has already been done, as Sabathia’s pitch count was now up to fifty-one pitches. In the third, Myers would pitch another 1-2-3 inning, while Sabathia would only let one batter get on base, Werth via his second double of the game, but Sabathia’s pitch count was still rising as he has now thrown seventy-two pitches in three innings. In the fourth, after Myers would breeze through another inning, even though he would hit Hart with a pitch with two men out, Sabathia would finally get knocked out of the box by the Phils. They would start their half of the fourth off with a one pitch ground out, 1-3, by Ruiz. Myers would then battle Sabathia again, getting him mad in the process, as he would get the count up to 3-2 on nine pitches, before finally flying out to center on pitch number 10. Rollins would then follow with a double, the fifth double, and the sixth extra-base hit, that the Phillies would get off of Sabathia. After intentionally walking Victorino, the Phils would get a double steal as Rollins and Victorino would both move up a base, with Utley batting. These would be the third and fourth stolen bases that the Phils would get off of Sabathia. Utley would then get a walk, loading up the bases, and leading to the removal of Sabathia by Brewers’ manager Dale Sveum. At that point, Sabathia’s pitch count has risen to ninety-eight pitches. Sveum would then bring in reliever Mitch Stetter to face Howard. Stetter would get the Brewers out of the inning by striking out Howard, leaving the bases loaded. In the fifth, the Phillies would reload the bases, with two outs, via two walks (Burrell and Ruiz) and a single (Myers), but the Brewers would get out of that jam as Rollins would line out to Fielder who made a great catch on a ball that would have broken the game wide open if it has gotten through. The Phillies would threaten again in the sixth as they would put runners on second and first, with one out, via a double (Victorino) and an intentional walk (Howard), but the Brewers would get out of the inning as Seth McClung, pitching in his second inning in relief of Stetter, would strike out Burrell for the second out of the inning and then get Werth to fly out. In the seventh, the Brewers would get a run back as Craig Counsell would ground out, 4-3, scoring Hardy, who has reached base earlier with a double, only the second hit given up by Myers, and would then move to third on Hart’s fly out to right, making it a 5-2 Phillies’ lead. The Phillies half of the seventh would see the Phils go down 1-2-3 for the only time yesterday. In the Brewers’ eighth, Myers would be taken out of the game and replaced by Ryan Madson. The inning would start with a fielding error by Rollins of pinch hitter Rickie Weeks’ grounder. Madson would then get Cameron to pop (foul) out to the third baseman for the inning’s first out. Durham would then hit into a force out, 1-6, forcing out Weeks, while Durham would beat out Rollins’ throw to first. Braun would then follow with a single, moving Durham up to second base with still two men out. Madson is then taken out of the game by Charlie Manuel and replaced by J.C. Romero, to face Fielder. On Romero’s first pitch, Fielder would hit a slow grounder towards Utley, who would shovel the ball over to Howard for the inning’s final out, ending the short-lived Brewers’ threat. In the ninth, Lidge would be given the ball for the save. Unlike Tuesday’s game, Lidge would have an easy 1-2-3 inning, ending the game with a fly out to center, giving the Phillies a 5-2 win and a 2-0 lead in the series, as the two teams now head for Milwaukee for the third game of the series.

Brett Myers would get the win as he pitches seven innings, giving up two earned runs on two hits, three walks and a hit batter, while striking out four. His post-season record is now 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA. Ryan Madson would pitch two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs on one hit. J.C. Romero would pitch a third of an inning, getting out the only man he would face on one pitch. Brad Lidge would get his second post season save and his forty-third save in forty three tries, as he pitches a 1-2-3 inning. C.C. Sabathia would get the lost as he is only able to go three and two-thirds innings, giving up five earned runs on six hits, walking four batters, while striking out five. His post-season record is now 0-1 with a 12.27 ERA. Mitch Stetter, Seth McClung, Eric Gagne and Salomon Torres would pitch a combined total of four and one-thirds innings of shut out ball, giving up just three hits (McClung (2), Torres (1)) and walking three (McClung), with each one striking out a batter for a total of four strike outs.

The victory gives the Phillies a commanding 2-0 lead in the series as they show that C.C. Sabathia is indeed human. This is mainly because most of the batters remained patient, with Brett Myers’ two at-bats against Sabathia being the key at-bats, especially the first one, as Sabathia would lose his composure after each one, leading to Shane Victorino’s grand slam in the second and Sabathia’s removal with the bases loaded, after throwing 98 pitches, in the fourth. It would seem that pitching Sabathia with only three days rest for the fourth straight game has come back to haunt the Brewers as they are now backed into a corner with the wily veteran Jamie Moyer up next to attempt to seal the deal for the Phillies. The Brewers’ ace was hit hard by the Phillies as all six of the hits off of him would be for extra-bases (5 (2B), 1 (HR)) while they also ran wild on him, stealing four bases, with Victorino leading the way with two steals. Meanwhile, Myers, after starting out a little wild and maybe being a little pinched by the home plate umpire, would gain control of the game after Corey Hart’s 1-2-3 double play ball ending the first inning, ending the Brewers best, and as it would turn out, only chance to get control of this game.  After that inning, the Brewers would not be able to handle Myers’ pitches, especially after he starts to throw at them more than just his fastball. It would appear that the Myers of the second half is back, and if he is, thank god for that.

The five games National League Divisional Series will now move to Milwaukee. The third game of the series will be played in Miller Park on Saturday and will start at 6:30 pm Eastern (5:30 pm Central). The Phillies’ starter will be veteran Jamie Moyer (16-7, 3.71), who is coming off a victory against the Nationals on September 27, as he went six innings, giving up only an earned run on six hits, in the Phillies’ 4-3 win. He has last faced the Brewers on September 11, defeating them in the game that would lead to a four game swept of the Brew Crew, as he would pitch five and two-thirds innings, giving up three earned runs on four hits, while striking out five, in the Phillies’ 6-3 win. Moyer will be trying to, like he did last Saturday, pitch the Phillies deeper into the playoff with a win. His opponent will be Dave Bush (9-10, 4.18), who is coming off his fifth straight no-decision, this time against the Cubs on September 27, as he would pitch three innings in relief, giving up no runs on no hits, while walking a batter and striking out one, in the Brewers’ 7-3 lost. His last start would be on September 23 against the Pirates, also a no-decision, as he went five innings, giving up three earned runs on five hits, in the Brewers’ 7-5 win. His last start against the Phillies would be on September 14, as he pitched a no-decision, going six innings, giving up three earned runs on five hits, in the Brewers’ 7-3 lost in the first game of a day/night doubleheader. Bush will be trying to prevent a sweep of the Brewers.

The Phillies will be trying to end the series early, handing the ball over to Jamie Moyer to do it. And, with the Brewers now trying to keep from getting swept, Moyer should be the right person for the job, as he’ll be trying to use the Brewers’ aggressiveness against them.

The Phillies come from behind to defeat the Brewers, 7-3. Are now a game behind in the wild card race and a game and a half behind in the East.

The Phillies come from behind to defeat the slumping Brew Crew, using the eighth inning to their advantage for a change. The Brewers would jump to a quick 2-0 lead as, with a runner on third and one man out, Ray Durham would hit a two-run home run, his sixth home run of the year, knocking in Corey Hart, who has earlier tripled. The Phillies would cut the lead in the fourth, as, with runners on the corners and no one out, Pat Burrell would hit into a 6-4-3 double play, wiping out Ryan Howard at second, who has earlier singled, while scoring Chase Utley, who has earlier doubled and has gone to third on Howard’s single, making it 2-1 Brewers. The Brewers would get the run back in the fifth as Mike Cameron would hit a lead-off home run, his twenty-fifth home run of the year, to make it 3-1 Brewers. The Phillies would tie up the game in the sixth, when, with a runner on first and no one out, Howard would hit a massive two-run home run, his league leading forty-fourth home run of the year, scoring Utley, who has gotten on base earlier after being hit by the pitch. Then the Phillies turned the recently disastrous eighth to their favor for once. After taking out Phillies’ starter Joe Blanton for a pinch hitter in the seventh, Ryan Madson would get out the two batters that he would face via ground outs, both being 6-3 (Hart and J.J. Hardy) before Charlie Manuel would come out to replace him with Scott Eyre. Eyre would end the inning by striking out Durham on a foul tip. Durham would claim that the ball would hit the ground, but Carlos Ruiz, Manuel and Eyre would get home plate umpire Mark Wegner to double check with first base umpire Scott Barry. Barry would say that Ruiz did indeed catch the ball, as would be shown by instant reply on television, thus ending the inning. Then in the Phillies’ half of the eighth, they would break the game open. With Guillermo Mota still on the mound for his second inning of work, Jayson Werth would start off the inning with a single. Ned Yost would then come to the mound and replace Mota with Brian Shouse, who is soon greeted by a surprising sacrifice bunt by Utley, which would move Werth over to second as Utley is thrown out, 1 to 3, for the inning’s first out. Howard is then intentionally walked to get to Burrell, while putting men on first and second with still one out. But Burrell would ruin the Brewers’ strategy by hitting a RBI single, scoring Werth, and giving the Phils a 4-3 lead, while sending Howard to second. After Eric Bruntlett is sent out to first as a pinch runner for Burrell, Shane Victorino would hit a three-run home run, his twelfth home run of the year, scoring both Howard and Bruntlett, making it a 7-3 Phillies’ lead. In the ninth, Eyre would start off the inning by getting Prince Fielder out on a great play by Utley who would throw Fielder out 4-3, for the inning’s first out. Eyre would then be replaced by Brad Lidge, who would then proceed to get Ryan Braun to ground out 4-3 before he gets Cameron to end the game by striking out.

Joe Blanton would get a no-decision as he pitched seven innings, giving up three earned runs on five hits. Ryan Madson would pitch two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs or hits. Scott Eyre would get the win as he pitches two-thirds of an inning, also giving up no runs or hits. His record is now 4-0 with an ERA 4.43. Brad Lidge would also go two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs on no hits and striking out one. Dave Bush would also receive a no-decision as he pitches six innings, giving up three earned runs on five hits. Guillermo Mota would get the lost as he pitches an inning plus one batter, giving up an earned run on one hit. His record is now 5-6 with an ERA of 4.10. Brian Shouse would pitch a third of an inning, giving up three earned runs on three hits. Eric Gagne would pitch two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs or hits.

Joe Blanton would this afternoon performed as originally advertised, pitching deep into a game, although having problems in the first few innings. After giving up a two-run home run in the first, thanks to a floating curveball to Ray Durham, he would calm down enough to get through seven innings, keeping the Phils in the game so that they can first tie up the game and then take the lead in the bottom of the eighth.

The second game of the Day/Night doubleheader is being played right now, with the Phillies leading 6-1 going into the bottom of the seventh inning, with Brett Myers pitching a two-hitter with the second hiting a solo home run to Prince Fielder while the Phillies have knocked out of the game Brewers’ starter Jeff Suppan in the fourth, heading for both a possible doubleheader sweep and a possible series sweep.

With the win, the Phillies are now trailing the Mets by a game and a half as they lose to the Braves. They are still five games ahead of the Marlins as they defeated the Nationals. In the Wild Card chase, the Phillies are now a game behind the Brewers, as they try to sweep them in the nightcap. They are at the moment a game ahead of the Astros, who are presently losing to the Cubs, while they are four games ahead of the Cardinals as they lose once again to the Pirates. The Phillies will be trying to sweep the Brew Crew in the second game of their doubleheader to tie for the lead in the Wild Card race while placing themselves a game behind the Mets in the East.