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Memo to offense: Hamels should sue you guys for lack of runs support. Phils shutout again at Citi Field, 1-0.

For the second straight start, Hamels lose to the Mets by the score of 1-0, as the offense gets only one hit, a single by Hamels.

The game was a pitchers’ duel from start to finish between Phils’ starter Cole Hamels and Mets’ starter R.A. Dickey. The Mets tried to take the lead in the bottom of the fifth as Mike Hessman hits a hard smash deep into left center field that was originally called a home run by the third base umpire, although a fan had interferred with the ball by leaning over the railing and touching it, causing it to fall back into the field of play, a process that had been noticed by Raul Ibanez, who had put up both of his arms as soon as he had seen it. The umpires then reviewed the play for over six minutes, before coming out to overturn the original ruling, giving Hessman a lead-off triple, and not a home run, although the rules for fan interference states that Hessman should’ve been given a ground-rule double. Last year, this would had ticked off Hamels. This year, he went to work, as he proceeded to strike out first Jeff Francoeur, and then Henry Blanco, with both Mets swinging. Hamels then intentionally walked Ruben Tejada before he went after his opposite number, Dickey, who he got to end the inning by grounding out softly, 1-3. The Mets then took the lead in the sixth as, with a runner on second, and with two men out, Carlos Beltran hits an RBI double, knocking in David Wright, who had earlier doubled, to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. That would be all that Dickey would need, as he kept the Phils’ off-balanced all night with his knuckle ball, as he, like Hamels, pitched a complete game, ending it by getting Placido Polanco to fly out to right.

Cole Hamels took the lost as he pitches eight innings, giving up just a run on five hits and two walks, while striking out eight. His record is now 7-9 with a 3.33 ERA. R.A. Dickey gets the win as he pitches a complete game, giving up no runs on a hit and a walk, while striking out seven. His record is 8-5 with a 2.43 ERA.

The Phils had only two men reach base during the entire game. Wilson Valdez with a one out walk in the third, and Cole Hamels with a one out single in the sixth. Beyond that, Dickey had the Phils’ number, having the bats under control all night. Seriously, Hamels should be finding out why the bats are making him this year’s poster boy for the team’s lack of runs support for one of their starters, especially since they are now starting to score for Roy Halladay. Luckily, the Doc is pitching tonight, and hopefully the bats will finally start scoring again in Citi Field.

The Phils (64-51, 2nd) will continue their three-game series with the Mets (58-57, 3rd) with a night game tonight. The game will be played at Citi Field and will start at 7:10 pm Eastern. The Phils will send to the mound their ace Roy Halladay (14-8, 2.34), who is coming off a win against the Mets on August 8, as he pitched seven innings, giving up five runs on nine hits and a walk, while striking out ten, in the Phils’ 6-5 win. In his last three starts, he is 3-0, pitching twenty-three innings, giving up seven runs on twenty hits and two walks, while striking out twenty-eight. He will be going for the first Phil win in Citi Field this year, while trying to keep the Mets’ bats under control this weekend. He will be countered by Pat Misch (0-0, -.–), who will be making his first start this season. The Phils will be trying to recover from last night’s lost, while trying to finally cross the plate in Citi Field.


The Phils end the first half on a high note with a sweep of the 1st place Reds.

The Phils end the first half of the regular season on a high note as they sweep the 1st place Reds behind the six-hit pitching of Cole Hamels, as they defeat the Reds, 1-0.

The Phils took the lead in the third as, with a runner on second, and with two men out, Jimmy Rollins hits an RBI single, scoring Carlos Ruiz, who was safe on second on a ground-rule double, thanks to fan interference as a fan in the left center field seats touched the ball while it was still in play, which was confirmed when the umpires reviewed the call, giving the Phils a 1-0 lead. The Reds tried to come back in the fourth, as they loaded the bases, via a single to Paul Janish and walks to Joey Votto and Scott Rolen, and with nobody out, when Jonny Gomes hit into a force out, 5-2, wiping out Janish at home as Ruiz touches the plate for the inning’s first out, while both Votto and Rolen would move up a base, and Gomes would be safe at first. The Phils then got out of the inning as Jay Bruce lined out to Phils’ starter Cole Hamels, who would catch the ball before it could hit the ground, then throw over to second for a 1-6 doubleplay, doubling up Votto, to end the inning, with the Phils still in the lead. The Phils then tried to increase their lead in their half of the fourth, as they loaded the bases via a ground-rule double for Jayson Werth, as another fan interfered with a ball in play, this time preventing what could have been either a triple or an inside-the-park home run, depending on how the ball would’ve hit the wall in center field, by catching it, a call that was once again confirmed by a review by the umpires, Ryan Howard being hit by the pitch, and a walk to Ruiz, moving both Werth and Howard up a base, and with two men out. Reds starter Matt Maloney would turn the Phils’ away by getting Wilson Valdez to hit into a force out at third, 6-5, wiping out Howard for the inning’s final out. Neither team would make another serious threat during the game as both starters would keep the bats under control. The game would end as a Phils win as the Reds would go down 1-2-3 in the ninth as J.C. Romero would strike out Bruce swinging for the inning’s first out, then Brad Lidge would record his sixth save of the season by first striking out Drew Stubbs swinging and then getting pitch hitter Miguel Cairo to pop out to right for the game’s final out.

Cole Hamels gets the win as he pitches seven and two-thirds strong innings, giving up six scattered hits and three walks, while striking out three. His record is now 7-7 with a 3.78 ERA. Jose Contreras collects his seventh hold of the year as he pitches a third of an innings, walking a batter. J.C. Romero also pitches a third of an inning, striking out the only man that he would face, collecting his fourth hold of the season. Brad Lidge collects his sixth save of the year as he pitches two-thirds of an inning, getting out both men that he would face, striking out one. Matt Maloney took the lost, as he pitches six innings, giving up a run on four hits and a walk, while striking out one. His record is now 0-2 with a 3.09 ERA. Nick Masset and Arthur Rhodes pitches for two shut out innings, giving up just one walk (Masset) and a hit batter (Rhodes) between them, while striking out three (Masset).

The Phils had just four hits in the game, with Jimmy Rollins leading the team with two hits, both singles, as he knocked in the only run of the game, for the second game in a row. Carlos Ruiz and Jayson Werth had the other two Phils’ hits, both ground-rule doubles, thanks to fan interference in both cases, with the second one, on Werth’s hit, being the more costly, as it might have ended up being either a triple or an inside-the-park home run, based on where the ball might have hit the wall and with Reds’ center fielder Drew Stubbs being positioned almost against the wall in center, that ball would have been going places, but, since the fan caught it, we may never know. Guys, let the ball alone unless you are quite sure it will be leaving the ballpark. You may never know what might be the results.

The Phils (47-40, 3rd NL East) will be off for the next three days (except for Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay, who will both be at the All-Star Game), trying to recharge their batteries before they start the second half with a four-game set against the Cubs (39-50, 4th NL Central) in Chicago at Wrigley Field.

Brett Myers stayed in one inning too long as the Phillies lose again to the Marlins, 7-3.

Brett Myers talked himself into pitching the eighth inning, and this time he was unable to get through the danger zone inning as the Phillies lose another game to the pesky Marlins, 7-3. The Phillies would take the lead in the second inning as Ryan Howard lead-off the inning hitting a solo home run, his forty-second home run of the year, giving the Phillies a quick 1-0 lead. The Marlins would take the lead in the third, as, with a man on first and one out, Luis Gonzalez would hit a two-run home run, knocking in Hanley Ramirez, who has earlier walked, to give the Marlins a 2-1 lead. The Marlins would add to their lead in the fourth, as, with a runner on third and two outs, Marlins’ starter Ricky Nolasco would help his own cause by hitting a RBI single, scoring Dallas McPherson, who has earlier doubled, and has gone to third on Alfredo Amezaga’s ground out to first for the inning’s second out, to make it 3-1 Marlins. The Phillies would come back in the fifth, as, with a runner on first and no one out, Chris Coste would hit a RBI double, scoring Greg Dobbs, who has earlier singled, to cut the Marlins’ lead to 3-2. Two outs later, Coste, after being moved to third by a Brett Myers’ sacrifice bunt, would score on a Jayson Werth single, tying the ballgame. Neither team would score in both the sixth and seventh innings, as Nolasco and Myers would take control of the game. Myers, although having already thrown 104 pitches by the start of the eighth inning, would talk Charlie Manuel into letting him start the inning. Manuel would give him the ball, obviously hoping that he could get the team through the presently nightmarish inning. Sadly, it was not to be as Gonzalez would start the inning off with a single. After Brett Carroll would come in to pitch run for Gonzalez, Myers would proceed to strike out Dan Uggla for the first out of the inning. Mike Jacobs would then follow with a single, sending Carroll to third. As the Marlins sent out Robert Andino to pinch run for Jacobs, Manuel would come out and replace Myers with Chad Durbin to try and put out the fire. Sadly, that didn’t work as Durbin would give up a ground rule double to Josh Willingham, scoring Carroll, making it a 4-3 Marlins’ lead, while sending Andino to third, because of fan’s interference with the ball, that didn’t seem to have occurred according to instant replay. Durbin would then intentionally walk McPherson to load the bases. That move would work as the next batter, Paul Lo Duca, would hit into a 5-4-3 double play, ending the inning. After the Phillies go 1-2-3 in their half of the eighth, the Marlins would break the game wide open in the ninth. Amezaga would start the inning off with a single. After Matt Treanor moves Amezaga to second with a sacrifice bunt for the inning’s first out, Durbin would intentionally walk Ramirez. After Durbin is replaced by J.C. Romero, he would get pinch hitter Cody Ross to fly out for the second out of the inning. But Romero would be unable to get out of the inning as Uggla would follow with a RBI double, scoring both Amezaga and Ramirez, giving the Marlins a 6-3 lead. Romero is then replaced by Clay Condrey. Wes Helm would greet Condrey with a single, scoring Uggla, making it a 7-3 Marlins’ lead. Condrey would finally end the disaster by getting Willingham to line out to left. Matt Lindstrom would then come in the pitch an easy 1-2-3 bottom of the ninth to end the game.

Brett Myers took the hard lost as he goes seven and a third innings, giving up four earned runs on eight hits, while striking out nine. His record is now 9-11 with a 4.22 ERA. Chad Durbin would pitch an inning of relief, giving up two earned runs on two hits. J.C. Romero would pitch a third of an inning, giving up an earned run on one hit. Clay Condrey would also pitch a third of an inning, giving up only a hit. Ricky Nolasco would get the win as he pitches seven and two-thirds innings, giving up three earned runs on seven hits, while striking out eight. His record is now 14-7 with a 3.56 ERA. Arthur Rhodes would pitch a third of an inning, giving up no runs or hits. Matt Lindstrom would pitch a 1-2-3 ninth.

Brett Myers gave it a good try, but he would simply run out of gas thanks to a high pitch count, while the offense would decide to quit hitting after tying up the game in the fifth inning,  getting only one man on base, on a walk to Pat Burrell in the sixth, after Jayson Werth’s RBI single. Myers might not have been sent out to pitch the eighth if the Phillies’ bullpen has been doing well, but of late it has been having a hard time getting through the eight inning. Charlie Manuel’s decision to let Myers go back up out, even with his high count, could have been a good move if Myers had gotten through the inning quickly. Sadly, he would throw thirteen pitches to the three men that he would face in the inning, getting out only one of them. And, of the two that would get on, one would eventually score the game winning run. Meanwhile, the Phillies’ offense went back to it old trick of stopping everything after a certain point, in this case after they have scored the tying run. You folks already know what I think about the offense, so I won’t say much more about it other than this: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Somebody please wake me up from this recurring nightmare!!!!!

The Phillies (79-67) will now start an important four games series with the Brewers (83-63, 2nd National League Central, 1st N.L. Wild Card). The first games of the series will be played at Citizens Bank Park and will begin at 7:05 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will be Jamie Moyer (13-7,  3.64), who is coming off a victory against the Mets on September 7, where he threw seven innings of shut out ball, giving up only two hits, in the Phillies’ 6-2 win. Moyer is coming off of just three days rest, something he hasn’t done in over two seasons with the Phillies, as the Phils hope that he will give them another quality start while putting them back on the winning track. The Brewers will start Ben Sheets (13-7, 2.82), who is coming off a victory against the Padres on September 6, as he pitched a complete game shut out, giving up only five hits, in the Brewers’ 1-0 win. He will be trying for his fourteenth win of the year while trying to put a nail into the coffin of the Phils’ chances to reach the playoffs.

The Phillies are now trailing the Mets by three and a half games in the East as they defeated the Nationals last night. The Mets have the day off today. The Marlins now trail the Phillies by five games as they also take the day off. In the wild card chase, the Phillies trail the Brewers by four games, as the two teams face off at Citizens Bank Park, while they are tied with the Astros for second place in the wild card race as the Astros defeated the Pirates yesterday, who they will be facing tonight, while the two teams are a half-game ahead of the Cardinals who lost to the Cubs last night, who they will be facing tonight. The Phillies will be doing whatever they can to get back into the Eastern Division pennant race, as well as putting as much pressure as they can on the Brew Crew in the wild card chase with sixteen games left in the season.

The Phillies crush the Rockies, scoring 35 runs in their last two games.

The Phillies’ offense takes advantage of Jorge DeLaRosa’s wildness and the Rockies’ middle relievers while veteran pitcher Jamie Moyer takes advantage of their ‘youthful’ lineup as the Phils’ crushed the Rockies, 20-5. The Rockies would score the game’s first runs in the top of the first, when, with one out, Ryan Spilborghs would hit his second home run of the year on a 1-1 pitch, knocking in Willy Taveras, who has singled earlier, and Todd Helton, who has walked, giving Colorado a 3-0 lead. The Phillies would tie the game in their half of the first, when Chase Utley hits his sixteenth home run of the year, knocking in Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino, who have both walked. The Rockies would retake the lead in the top of the third, when Hilton, who has singled and moved to third on Ryan Spilborghs’ double, would score from third on Jeff Baker’s sacrifice fly. From that moment on, it would be all Phils. The Phillies would start it off by re-tying the game in their half of the third on a Ryan Howard sacrifice fly, knocking in Shane Victorino, who has earlier walked, for the second time in the ballgame, off of Rockies’ starter DeLaRosa. The Phillies would then bust the game wide open in the fourth. Pedro Feliz would start the inning off with a double. He would then score on a ground rule double by Chris Coste, thanks to fan’s interference, making the score 5-4 Phillies. So Taguchi would then follow with a double of his own, scoring Coste, and giving the Phils a 6-4 lead. After Moyer bunts Taguchi over to third, DeLaRosa would be taken out of the game for Jason Grilli. Grilli would be greeted by a single from Rollins, scoring Taguchi, and increasing the Phils’ lead to 7-4. Victorino then singles, moving Rollins to third base. Utley then grounds out to the first baseman, scoring Rollins, and moving Victorino to second, as the Phillies now lead it 8-4. After Howard and Pat Burrell both walk to load the bases, Feliz would come up for the second time in the inning, and singles, scoring both Victorino and Howard, and moving Burrell to second, making the score 10-4 Phils. Coste would then end the inning by flying out to right. The Phillies would then increase their lead in the sixth inning. The new Rockies pitcher, Josh Newman, who is pitching in relief of Grilli, would start the inning off by walking Howard. After striking out Burrell, Feliz would single, moving Howard to second base. Coste would then follow by hitting his fourth home run of the season, scoring both Howard and Feliz, while increasing the Phillies’ lead to 13-4. Taguchi then gets on base with a single. After Moyer walks, moving Taguchi to second, Rollins lines out to left for the second out of the inning. Victorino, with the count 0-2, is hit by the pitch, loading the bases. Utley then singles, scoring Taguchi, and moving up both Moyer and Victorino, keeping the bases loaded, as the Phillies increased their lead to 14-4. Newman is then replaced by Alberto Arias. He is soon greeted by a single by Howard, scoring both Moyer and Victorino, and sending Utley to third, while giving the Phils a 16-4 lead. After a wild pitch moves Ryan to second base, Burrell grounds out to end the inning. While the Phillies’ batters were unloading on Rockies’ pitching, Moyer was moving along, taking advantage of the youthful impatient of the Rockies’ batters, a result of the many injuries that are now plaguing the Rockies, giving up only two singles since Baker’s sacrifice fly. He would be replaced by Clay Condrey who would pitch a 1-2-3 eighth. In the bottom of the eighth, the Phillies’ bat would continue to create havoc. With Matt Herges now replacing Arias, Greg Dobbs would reach base with a double. He would go to third on Eric Bruntlett’s single. After Victorino pops up for out number one, Utley would get a single, knocking in Dobbs for his sixth RBI of the night, a career best, and moving Bruntlett to second, with the score now 17-4 Phillies. Howard then walks, once again loading the bases. T.J. Bohn then hits a infield single under the pitcher’s glove, scoring Bruntlett and keeping the bases loaded, as the Phils now lead its 18-4. Feliz then hits a single, scoring Utley and Howard, and sending Bohn to second, while making the score now 20-4 Phils. Coste would get a single, reloading the bases, but that would be it, as Manuel Corpas, now in relief of Herges, would get Condrey and Dobbs to both strike out to end the inning. In the top of the ninth, with two out, Condrey would give up a RBI single to Cory Sullivan, scoring Omar Quintanilla, who has earlier doubled, making it a 20-5 Phillies’ lead. But that would be it as Condrey would get the next batter to hit into a force out, short to second to end the game.

The 20 runs that the Phils’ offense have scored were the most run that they have scored in one game so far this season, and are the most runs that they have scored in a game since July 3, 1999. They are also the most runs that they have scored so far in the present century. Their 19 hits are the most hits they have gotten this season. Everyone in the starting line up, except for Pat Burrell, have had at least one hit in the game. Pedro Feliz leads the way with his four hits in six at bats, which includes a double, as he knocks in four RBIs while scoring two runs. His batting average is now at .271. Chase Utley went three for six, which includes his three runs blast, as he knocks in a career high six RBIs while scoring two. Chris Coste also went three for six, hitting a double and a home run, knocking in four runs while scoring two. The offense also got eight walks, while batting around three times, sending up eleven batters to the plate twice. In two days, the Phils’ offense has knocked in thirty-five runs on thirty-five hits. The other starting pitchers will certaining be hoping that the bats will remain hot for a while, especially during their upcoming series with the Marlins.

Jamie Moyer was the winning pitcher, as he goes seven innings, giving up four earned runs on six hits, while striking out seven and only walking one, as he dominated the Rockies’ batters in the middle innings. His record is now 5-3 with a ERA of 4.45. Clay Condrey would pitch two innings, giving up an earned run on two hits. Jorge DeLaRosa would take the lost for the Rockies, as he is only able to go three and one third innings, giving up seven runs, six of which were earned, on four hits, while walking three. His record has dropped to 1-3 while his ERA rises to 9.00. Jason Grilli would pitch one and two-thirds innings in relief, giving up three earned runs on four hits. Josh Newman would last only two-thirds of an inning, getting nailed for six earned runs on four hits. Alberto Arias would go one and a third innings, giving up no runs on one hit. Matt Herges would pitch only a third of an inning, giving up four runs on six hits. Manuel Corpas would go two-thirds of an innings, giving up no runs on no hits.

The Phillies (29-24) will continue their three games series with the Rockies (20-31, 3rd National League West), with a night game at Citizens Bank Park. The game will start at 7:05 pm Eastern. The Phils will send to the mound Kyle Kendrick (3-2, 5.19), who is coming off a no-decision against the Astros on May 22, where he would only go five innings, giving up five runs on eight hits, in the Phils’ 7-5 win. He has been involved in four no-decisions in his last five starts, with the other one being a win. He hopes to improve his record, while hoping that the Phillies will be able to supply him with some runs support. The Rockies will be sending to the mound Ubaldo Jimenez (1-4, 4.61), who is coming off a no-decision in which he would go seven innings, giving up no runs on three hits, in the Rockies’ 3-2 lost to the Giants on May 21. In his previous start, he would take the lost, as he would pitch seven innings, giving up three earned runs on eight hits, in the Rockies’ 4-2 lost to the Minnesota Twins on May 16.

The Phils are still trailing the Marlins by two and a half games, as the Marlins would come from behind to win their doubleheader with the Giants and then would defeat the Mets in New York on Monday. The Phillies are still .002 percentage points behind the Braves, who defeated the Diamonbacks in an Monday afternoon game. The Mets, with their lost to the Marlins, are now trailing both the Phillies and the Braves by four games. As the Phillies continue their series with the Rockies, the Marlins continue their three games series with the Mets, before coming to Philadelphia for a weekend series. The Braves will now start a three games series with the Brewers in Milwaukee. The Phils hope to stay pace with the Marlins, while hoping that the Braves will continue to be a bad team on the road.