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While I was going through Phillies Phollowers’ blog, I’d discovered this…


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Keep it going, baseball bloggers! And be sure to leave comments with your URL on Trade Talk (51 percent of the entire community’s traffic this past week) and October Gonzo (MLB’s official 2008 postseason national TV campaign). I’m just sayin. Be where baseball fans are. (H/T MLBlogshphere) 

…that my blog is presently the 25th most watched Blog on the MLBlogsphere. Gosh, to say that I’m flattered by all this is a real understatement, since I wasn’t really expecting it to happen so soon. (Gee, did I only create this blog back in late April? And I’m already at 25 in July. My how times fly. And I must be doing something right to get all of these people to watch me.) Anyway, to all of you, especially among the obviously silent majority, thank you for watching my blog. For those of you who have just found me, I hope that you’ll like what I’m writing here enough to continue watching. For all of you, I hope that you will all continue to watch and will continue or start making comments. Don’t worry, I won’t bite. 🙂 (A Phillies fan who won’t bite? Right, I know what you’re all are thinking out there, pull the other finger. ;p)

I’d also discovered that back on June 24 at MLBlogsphere article “Add the Trade Talk Blog” that I’d was given a late welcome by the Blog’s writer(s). I think I’ll let the welcome speak for itself…

Welcome to Phillies Red Pinstripes, who started an MLBlog this month. We also want to thank that blog’s author for providing the link back to our All-Star coverage index area from the reposting of my colleague Ken Mandel’s article about Chase Utley’s All-Star voting update. With that AP settlement case involving The Drudge Retort in the news recently, it’s worth pointing out that common courtesy here. The MLBlogs Network has an “official affiliate/unofficial opinions” relationship to MLB.com, but please just credit and put a link back if you do reproduce one of our writers’ articles from MLB.com and the 30 club sites. (H/T MLBlogsphere)


I would like to once again thank MLBlogsphere’s writer for the warm welcome to MLBlog, as well as to thank him for commenting on my hat tips back to the Ken Mandal’s articles on the Chase Utley All-Star voting update. I’d already posted a thank you to him or her there as well.