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As Adam Wainwright goes down…

The St. Louis Cardinals have suffered a major blow as they lose their ace, Adam Wainwright, as he will likely face Tommy John Surgery to replace the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. This, of course, means that the redbirds will be looking for someone to take Wainwright’s spot in their rotation.

Because of this, Joe Blanton’s name have been linked in talks about the possibilities of a trade between the two teams. Thing is, Ruben Amaro Jr. have said that the Phils plan to keep Blanton and intend to use him as their fifth starter. And, even if they were to trade him, the Phils would most likely be looking for, in return, a right handed bat who is major league ready, or just about, who the Cardinals will be willing to give up. I’m not sure if the Cards will do that at this point, if it happens at all.

Me, I think Blanton is going to be here for opening day and beyond.


The Phillies have signed catchers Chris Coste and Ronny Paulino to split contracts.

Phillies.com has just announced that the Phillies have just signed catchers Chris Coste and Ronny Paulino to split contracts for the present season.

If either man makes the main team, Coste would receive $460,000, while Paulino would get $420,000. If either man is sent down to the minors, they would instead receive $249,000 and $201,330 respectively. This leaves only catcher Carlos Ruiz and lefthander Mike Zagurski, who is still recovering from Tommy John surgery on his elbow as the only men on the Phils 40-men roster who are presently unsigned.

With this move, the Phils could increase their payroll up to $132.5 million for Opening Day, including the $3 million still owed Jim Thome of the Chicago White Sox, J.C. Romero, as he will be serving his 50-game suspension and Adam Eaton, whom the Phils will surely drop before spring training is over.

Not too bad. Hopefully the Phillies can leave Clearwater in late March with all of their players happy and well paid.

Phillies inked Scott Mathieson to minor league contract, sign Bruntlett and Condrey to one year deals, and send contracts to eight other players who are up for arbitration.

During the weekend, after signing Raul Ibenez to a three-year contract, pending a physical, the Phillies went towards locking in the ten players who they would be involved with in salary arbitration talks. They have concluded one-year deals with Eric Bruntlett, thus locking in the versatile infielder, as they will need him to help cover second base during Chase Utley’s rehab from hip surgery, and with Clay Condrey, their long relief pitcher. The Phillies have also offered contracts to Joe Blanton, Chad Durbin, Ryan Madson, Cole Hamels, Greg Dobbs, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth, in the process avoiding, as much as they can, the need to go to salary arbitration talks with each player, thus keeping them on the ballclub, one way or the other, through 2009. This, to me, sounds like a set of smart moves on the Phillies’ part, looking like they might have finally learn their lesson from past mistakes, depending, of course, on what they have actually offered the remaining eight arbitration eligible players.

The Phillies have also signed Scott Mathieson, a 24 years old pitcher who is still rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery, to a minor league contract, adding more depth to the organization, pitching wise.

Tom Gordon might be out for the season as he goes for a second opinion on his right elbow.

Gordon may need Tommy John surgery
Right-hander will seek second opinion on ailing right elbow