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Probably won’t be saying much this week.

It is time for the 79th Annual Meeting between the best players from both the National and the American Leagues, and during this four days break between halves I’ll probably won’t be doing too much posting at the site, other than a possible report on the All-Star Game itself, unless some breaking news comes off of either Phillies.com or MLB.com that pertains to our favorite team, so, I’m planning on taking a short vacation from blogging. So, after the All-Star Game post, I’ll see you guys on Friday, hopefully well refreshed and ready to have an ulcer if this team blows it in the second half. I kid I kid, ’cause I having the ulcer right now. Kidding, kidding. In the meantime, just followed the blogs of those whom I have established links to since I’d started blogging back in April.

Anyway, see you guys Friday.